All Saints Margaret Street | Electoral roll

Electoral roll

The Electoral Roll is a list of the names and addresses of every person who can vote at All Saints Parish Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Any lay person (i.e. not ordained) who is baptised and at least 16 years old can be on the Electoral Roll, provided they live in the parish or have worshipped at the church regularly for a minimum of six months. You can be on the Electoral Roll of more than one church but if that is the case you must choose which church you wish to vote in as you may only vote in one.

As mentioned above, membership means that you are eligible to vote in the Annual Meeting. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, it confirms your support for the provision of witness to the whole community in this place. That witness includes pastoral care and the provision of worship for everyone.
You can support your church both spiritually and practically – spiritually through a regular prayer and worship life, and practically through the giving of your time, your skills and through financial support.
Please ask! Fr Michael, Assistant Priest, and Chris Self and John Forde, the Churchwardens, are always delighted when someone offers practical help, and will be able to help you channel your gifts in to the right area. This may be anything from helping to keep the church and courtyard looking well kept, to helping out with paperwork or social events, cooking Sunday lunch or joining our welcoming team of Sidesmen or greeting visitors as part of our Monday – Saturday Church Watch team.
There are no rules about giving but there are guidelines. We are asked to make our giving a priority, to plan our giving and to give in proportion to our means.
The church is always here providing ministry, week by week, even when you are unable to be at services, and it costs the same to provide ministry in this place whether you are here or not. This is why we encourage everyone to join the Planned Giving scheme, supporting the church via a regular monthly Standing Order with your bank or by using weekly envelopes, whereby you help to ensure a regular source of income for this church.
If you are a taxpayer, your church can receive back from the Inland revenue all the income tax you have paid on your gift to the church, provided that the amount of tax you have paid is equal to, or more than, the tax being reclaimed. For every £1 you give, another 25p can be claimed back by the church from the Inland Revenue. How do I do it? Speak to Patrick Hartley our Treasurer or the Parish Office. Either can provide you with a Gift Aid declaration which is a very straightforward form to complete – you simply have to provide your name, address, postcode and the date! If your circumstances change and you wish to stop the Declaration at any time, you only need to ask Patrick or the Parish Office to cancel it.
Yes. Every precaution is taken to maintain confidentiality if you make out a Standing Order through your bank.
If you are able to offer time or skills to the church, or wish to review your giving, then please be in touch with the Parish Office on 020 7636 1788. Whatever you decide, thank you for taking the time to look at this information and for all that you already do for the church.