All Saints Margaret Street | All Saints Parish Newsletter 11th October 2013

All Saints Parish Newsletter 11th October 2013

Dear Friends, 

‘Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, a descendant of David – that is my gospel.’

So begins the epistle this Sunday, taken from the 2nd Letter to Timothy.

We remember him as “a descendant of David.”  He had a real humanity as the incarnate Lord. He was not born in a vacuum, floating above us in some sort of spiritual detachment, but in a community with a history and a hope for the future, formed by God’s relationship with it.

But we only remember him at all, as more than a footnote in the history of a province of the Roman Empire, because he was “raised from the dead.”

Remembering is a crucial activity for Christians. But we do not remember Jesus as a dead hero from long ago, but “Jesus Christ, raised from the dead.”  We “remember” him as alive now. 

We “remember” Jesus – that is we know him present with us, in the gospel read and heard. That Gospel is “the word of God which is not chained.”  It is free and alive because through it the risen Christ speaks to his people as he speaks to the disciples on the road to Emmaus and in the Upper Room in Luke’s Gospel.  Now as then, he opens to us the scriptures and we know our hearts warmed within us. We also find ourselves challenged by the word “alive and active, cutting sharper than any two-edged sword.”

We “remember” Jesus as we celebrate the Eucharist with him, in obedience to his command, “Do this in remembrance of me;” or rather,  as he celebrates the Eucharist with us and makes himself known to us in the breaking of bread.

We “remember” Jesus in word and sacrament so that we may know that having “died with him, we will also live with him.”  Our being, our identity as Christians, springs from this living relationship with Jesus.

Yours in Christ,


Fr. Alan Moses

Please pray for those who have asked for our prayers: Harry Allan, Damon Brash, Peter Burbidge, Maragret Campbell, Rachel Clayton, Sheena Cruse, Rosie Davis, Arthur Fearns, Charles Forker, Denise Inge, Mason Jacobsen, Linda Jervis, Jill, Katherine Lee, Joshua Levy, Christine Lofty, Marimar Perez Fabo, Celia Shore, Stephen Short, Kate Thomas, Andrew Tillyard, Melanie Toogood, David and Jo Vincent, Heather Walker, Wendy Wall, Fr Stephen Williams.

For the recently departed: Eve Shannon, Adolf Dvorak, Stephen Willis, Richard Tann (funeral at Wymondham Abbey 15 October 2pm), Eva Wiggins, Nicholas Oresko, Patrick Cullinan Brown.

At the anniversary of their death (during the coming week): David Heffer, Elizabeth Hoare, Vera Dyer, Godfrey Dick, Florence Kelly, Raymond McGrath, Jack Ridley, Richard O’Conner, Robert Hanvey, Evelyn Vandy, Margaret McKenzie-Edwards, Lilian Geddes, John Williams (former chorister and later organist), Christopher Rawll (one time All Saints Churchwarden, Lay Preacher, Sub-Deacon and Archivist), John Hillaby, Colin Welsley.

Worship on Sunday 13 October 2013, TRINITY 20:  

Preacher: Fr Julian Browning
Missa ‘Sæculorum Amen’ – Guerrero   Traditional spiritual, arr. Tippett (1905 – 98)

Preacher: Fr Barry Orford, Pusey House
Music: The Fifth Service – Tomkins  Adoramus te, Christe – Lassus


The Parish Office will be closed on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October. Phone calls and emails will be attended to as soon as possible.


Please return your penny boxes to Priscilla Oakeshott in the Parish Shop for counting. Deadline: latest Sunday 20 October.
Thank you.

                       – ALL SOULS COMMEMORATION LISTS –

The book for names of those to be remembered at Mass on All Souls Day or at one of the November requiems is on the lectern in the Baptistery. Please enter names under the appropriate requiem date and print names clearly. 


Sunday 13 October – TEACHING THE FAITH AT ALL SAINTSTen-to-One Talk Series: WHY DO YOU DO THAT? Standing, Kneeling, Sitting. The third of twelve talks given by the Vicar. The bell is rung to announce the start.

Sunday 13 October – Meeting of the Servers after High Mass.

Monday 14 October – 7pm, Meeting of the Standing Committee of the All Saints PCC.  

Friday 18 October 7pmPLEASE NOTE NEW DATE – Initial meeting for anyone interested in a course to prepare adults for Baptism and Confirmation or Reception into the Church of England. The course is open to those who were confirmed a long time ago and would like a refresher in the basics of the faith.  Please let the Vicar or Parish Administrator know you would like to attend. Tel: 020 7636 1788 or e:

Saturday 19 October 10.30am – Course: FOOD SAFETY AT ALL SAINTS – Given today’s legislation and society’s expectations, the PCC has considered the issue of food safety and resolved to provide a short briefing session on food handling and the health and safety of preparing and serving food. Joanna Moses has generously offered her services. Any member of the congregation who is involved in preparing and serving food is encouraged and needs to attend. Light refreshments will be provided for lunch. In order to know how many people to cater for please let Dee Prior in the Parish Office know if you are intending to be present either by email: or telephone 020 7636 1788. 

Sunday 20 OctoberTEACHING THE FAITH AT ALL SAINTSTen-to-One Talk Series: WHY DO YOU DO THAT? Vestments. Fourth of twelve talks given by the Vicar. The bell is rung to announce the start.

Tues 22 – Sun 27 October – EXHIBITION: TIMOTHY BETJEMAN AT ALL SAINTS MARGARET STREET – the painter revisits a favourite Victorian church of his grandfather, poet John Betjeman, with a series of new works done in situ at All Saints. The exhibition anticipates the bicentennial of its architect, William Butterfield, with oil paintings and prints intimately depicting the church’s vibrant interior through various liturgical seasons, moods and rites.  Open 12–6pm, in the Parish Room.

Mon 11 November – Sat 21 DecemberCARD AID SHOP in the Parish Room, opening times: 11am – 3pm Monday – Saturday (closed Sunday). Card Aid shops offer an unrivalled range of cards, together with the assurance that ALL profits from the cards sold are going to charity. Award winning Peace Oil will also be available here at All Saints. 

                           -TELLING THE GOOD NEWS –
                 Saturday 16 November 10.30am – 3.30pm 
          at the Annunciation, Marble Arch, Bryanston Street 

A day for members of the All Saints, The Annunciation and St Cyprian’s congregations – sharing the Gospel and exploring how we can become more ‘confident in speaking and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, more creative in reaching new people and places with the Good News in the power of the Spirit’ (Diocese of London’s Capital Vision 2020).

The day will be led by Fr Tim Sledge, Vicar of Romsey Abbey, who preached at All Saints on Corpus Christi.

Please sign the list at the back of the church if you would like to take part in this mission day, to assist with planning and catering. We hope many of you will come – no expertise or experience required – we are all learners in this process.


Saturday 19 October – from 9am, NATIONAL PILGRIMAGE to the shrine of ST EDWARD THE CONFESSOR, Westminster Abbey – 11.30 am Festival Eucharist (Preacher: The Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich) and 3.00 pm Evensong with Procession. Full details can be found on the Abbey Website. For further information please contact the Canons’ Secretary on 020 7654 4805. 

Thursday 24 October 13.05
, Lunchtime organ recital at St John’s, Smith Square – TIM BYRAM-WIGFIELD, Director of Music All Saints. Tickets: £10. Programme includes: Handel, Beethoven, Liszt, Hollins and Widor. See SJSS website for full details.