All Saints Margaret Street | All Saints Parish Newsletter 1st May 2015

All Saints Parish Newsletter 1st May 2015

Dear Friend,


Our best white altar frontal, over a century old, will be out this Sunday. It features a beautifully embroidered vine with bunches of grapes and in the gospel we will hear Jesus speaking of himself as “the True Vine,” his Father as the “Vinedresser,” and his disciples as the “branches”  (John 15.1-8).

Vineyards, vines and grapes were everyday sights in the time of Jesus.  They featured too in the Jewish scriptures where Israel was God’s vineyard and vine.   Pilgrims to Jerusalem saw the luxuriant golden vine which adorned the entrance of Herod’s Temple.  

A vineyard in winter is a very different sight: gnarled stumps severely pruned, bare of foliage and fruit.  But that ruthless cutting back is vital to the production of fruit. Without it, the crop would be much poorer as energy went into producing not fruit but branches and foliage.

When the vine is Christ and the branches his disciples, it is the Father who prunes.  Unproductive branches are cut away. Even the fruitful is cut back so that it may bear fruit again.  Pruning is not just something that happens to dead wood. 

Jesus tells his disciples that they are “already made clean,” they have already been pruned, because they have accepted his word as the one sent by the Father.   However, this life-giving bond with the vine is not to be taken for granted.  Yesterday evening I preached on this passage at Westcott House in Cambridge, so I turned to my well-thumbed copy of Bishop Westcott’s great commentary on John. Westcott says that the disciples’ life of union Christ is “begun but not perfected.”  The tense of the Greek suggests that pruning is a process that is ongoing.

Pruning is not the only thing to be ongoing.  Disciples must “abide” in him and he in them, in an ongoing, life-giving relationship, without which they cannot bear fruit. This “abiding,” this indwelling, is so vital that the word is used eight times in our passage.

Another episcopal commentator on John, Bishop Lesslie Newbiggin, speaks of our abiding in Christ as both done by him, once for all, and needing to be re-affirmed constantly by us. This means a constantly renewed decision that what Christ has done must be the basis, the starting point, the context for everything we think, decide, and do.

Where Christ’s “word,” his life, all that he has said and done, forms the starting point of discipleship, then four related things follow: answered prayer, glory to the Father, abundant fruit, and recognition as disciples of Christ.   If Jesus’ word forms the foundation and context of all we do, it will shape prayers that will truly be “through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Such prayer will be answered by “much fruit”, fruit of love and obedience.  Because this will be from the true vine, people will recognize disciples as true branches and the Father will be glorified.

We can only abide in Christ if we allow him to abide in us.  That brings me back to our altar and its frontal.  Jesus speaks to the disciples at the last supper.  John’s first readers celebrated their abiding in him and he in them by sharing the bread and wine of the eucharist.  Jesus continues to speak to us and feed us in that same eucharist.  As the Prayer of Humble Access reminds us, we eat Christ’s flesh and drink his blood, “…that we may evermore dwell in him and he in us.”  

Yours in Christ,


Fr Alan Moses
Prebendary Alan Moses,
Vicar of All Saints Margaret Street 
Area Dean of Westminster & St Marylebone

Please pray for those who have asked for our prayers: Asia Bibi. Fr. Bruce Barnett- Cowan, Ella Carroll, James Cary-Elwes, Ian Coull, Paul Curno, Hugo Gralka, Tim Harding, Yvonne & Philip Harland, Elspeth Harley, Lewis Harvey, Maxwell Hutchinson, Alice Jullien, Sheila Kenyon, Molly Leng, Peggy Leeman, Anthea Lepper, Joshua Levy, Christine Loffty, Hilary Morgan, David Pearce, Pat Phillips, Malcolm Richards, Jock Scott, Fr. Nicholas Stacey, Buzz Stokes, Celia Swan, Henrietta Vaizey, Joy Wright, Marc Young and Revd. Mary Spredbury.

For the recently departed: Jean Bray, Mike McKenna, Hilary Mary Waters, Jim Holden, Jane Allen and Patrick Lepper. 

Remember past priests, benefactors, friends, and all whose year’s mind occurs this week: Mary Forsyth, Dolly Powell, Cecil Meyer, Phyllis Matthews, Catherine Towers, Douglas Brough, Alfred Adams, Kathleen Wolfenden, Melinda Powell, John Norman, Odo Hunt, Norman Sandwich, William Faithful, Phyllis Mackenow, Dorothy Faithful, Florence Hope, Richard Masheder (Priest), Fred Bramma, Charles Cunnington, Marygold Snowden, Martin Cooper.

WORSHIP THIS SUNDAY 3 MAY –Fifth Sunday of Easter
Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie 
Mass in Four Parts – Monteverdi
If ye be risen again with Christ – Gibbons

Ten to One Talk in Church after Mass: Theme: The Institution Narrative. The bell will ring beforehand.

There is no Sunday Lunch on 3 May but it is being cooked by Paul Weston and John McWhinney on Sunday 10 May. Tickets on sale in the Parish Room before and after Mass – £5.

Preacher: The Vicar, Prebendary Alan Moses 
Magnificat – Buxtehude,
Nunc dimittis tertii toni – Palestrina 
Easter – Vaughan Williams

WORSHIP NEXT SUNDAY 3 MAY – Sixth Sunday of Easter 
Preacher: The Vicar, Prebendary Alan Moses 
Missa Choralis – Bruckner
Regina cÓ•li – Mascagni

Ten to One Talk in Church after Mass: Theme: The Anamnesis & Acclamation.  The bell will ring beforehand.

Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie 
Service in B flat – Stanford
Praise our Lord, all ye gentiles – Byrd


The ALL SAINTS’ LENT APPEAL 2015 raised an initial sum of £3,161 (before Gift Aid). Gift Aid claims are in train (and should push this figure well towards £4000). Our Lent Appeal will be shared equally three ways:

  1. Bishop of London’s Appeal, concentrating on supporting Youth, Children and Family projects across the Diocese,
  2. Us (formerly USPG) and their support of the church in Zimbabwe in working with those affected by HIV and AIDS and providing local clergy and lay leaders with skills and training to undertake the work, and
  3. The Marylebone Project, where our money goes towards providing one of the emergency beds in the Homeless Women’s Centre.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed so generously!

Sunday 10 – Saturday 16 May – CHRISTIAN AID WEEK – collection envelopes will be available on Sunday 10 and ideally should be returned on Sunday 17 May (or to the Parish Office as soon as possible afterwards).

 Monday 18 – Saturday 23 May – BISHOP OF LONDON’S THIRD DIOCESAN WEEK OF PRAYER – this year for the Great Feast of Pentecost, praying that we may be strengthened in our inner being with power through his Spirit (Ephesians III. 16). In his invitation to take part in the Week of Prayer Bishop Richard says:

I hope that once again many of you will come to St Paul’s Cathedral to pray during this week. As well as the Cathedral’s regular pattern of worship there will be dedicated space in the Chapel of St Michael and St George to support your prayer journey over the week in creative and different ways…..In whatever ways you are able, join us in prayer between Ascension and Pentecost, for I am convinced that there is nothing that is impossible for a Church that is confident, compassionate and creative in the power of the Spirit and in union with Jesus Christ our Lord. With thanks for our partnership in the Gospel, Richard London +

HELP NEEDED with CORPUS CHRISTI ProcessionThursday 4 June – evening. Stewards and leafleters to assist with the Procession from Church around Oxford Street – training will be given. We want to make this an even bigger act of witness this year and need additional helpers. If you can assist, please contact Cedric Stephens on 020 7 637 7468 or see him after Mass one Sunday before then.



Sunday 10 May, 7.15pm (after Benediction) – ORGAN RECITAL – ROGER SAYER, Organist and Director of Music, The Temple Church.

Programme includes:   
Fantasia and Toccata op. 57 – C. V. Stanford (1852-1924)
Melodia op. 59 – M. Reger (1873-1916)
Phantasie über den Choral “Hallelujah! Gott zu loben, bleibe meine Seelenfreud’!” op. 52 – M. Reger

Admission free – retiring collection in aid of the Music at All Saints
(suggested donation £4).
For more organ recitals, visit

Thursday 14 May, 6.30pm – ASCENSION DAY – PROCESSION & HIGH MASS, Preacher: Fr Sean Mullin, Rector of St Mark’s Philadelphia 
Missa ‘Ascendo ad Patrem’ – Palestrina
Cœlos ascendit hodie – Stanford


Saturday 2 May, 3pm St Cyprian’s Clarence Gate – CHORAL EVENING PRAYER & BENEDICTION – With the St Cyprian’s Singers (directed by Julian Collings). Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis: Dyson in D. Anthem: Hadley, My beloved spake.

Tuesday 5 May, 6.30pm FAITH MATTERS QUESTION TIME at Farm Street.  As a supplement to the Faith Matters series talks at Westminster Cathedral/ Vaughan House, Farm Street continues to host what are becoming very popular regular panel discussions on matters of faith and life, bringing together Catholics and others from different walks of life and inviting them to respond to questions from the audience.  The next Faith Matters Question Time, 2 days before the General Election addresses an important topic:
‘The General Election: What’s Religion got to do with it?’ 
On the panel:
Lord Glasman of Stoke Newington and Stamford Hill (Blue Labour) 
Dr Laura Keynes (journalist, author, Catholic Voices, and ‘Conservative Woman’ blogger) 
Alex Macqueen (Actor, ‘The Thick of It’) 
Revd Lucy Winkett (Rector, St James’, Piccadilly)

Programme includes: Frank Martin Mass for double choir and works by Tallis, Shepphard, Bairstow, Howells, MacMillan and Whitacre.
Tickets £15 including Buffet.

Thursday 21 May 2015, 6:15pm at Westminster Abbey30TH ERIC SYMES ABBOTT MEMORIAL LECTURE entitled

“Blessed are the Hypocrites? Saying sorry in a tell-all age”.
This will be given by The Reverend Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Piccadilly.
The lecture is free, and all are welcome, but prior booking is requested.

For further details please see:

Sunday 24 MayTHE CHURCHES TOGETHER IN WESTMINSTER 2015 PENTECOST CELEBRATION will be held at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8EP.  It will take the form of Informal Church and will commence at 5.15pm with cold buffet, followed by worship, reflection and response. Organisers advise that this is an ecumenical service, and all are very welcome to join. They look forward to meeting you there!

Monday 25 May – THE NATIONAL PILGRIMAGE, WALSINGHAM – a day excursion by coach from All Saints to Walsingham. To find out more/book a place on the coach, please contact: Ross Buchanan (020 7 221 1312).

Saturday 30 May, 6.30 – 7.30pm – St Cuthbert’s, Philbeach Gardens, Earl’s Court (nearest tube: Earl’s Court) 
Repertoire: JS Bach, Buxtehude, Vierne and several 20th century American composers. Free admission, collection in support of Organ Restoration Fund.

Sunday 31 May, 3pm – POETRY TEA AT PAMELA’S – Theme of ‘Light’. Please see Pamela or Sandra Wheen for directions to the house. Tickets £6 in aid of All Saints’ Restoration Appeal. 


EXCELLENT PROGRESS with work and fundraising but FURTHER DONATIONS NEEDED to reduce the reliance on loans/cover final invoices

New wiring and lighting, essential CCTV security and fire detection systems cost £372,000. Fire alarm commissioning now completed and the new system in use. We await the arrival and fitting of the glass shades for the chandeliers (hopefully before the end of May). As the project reaches its conclusion, and the final invoices are received, we want to remove any reliance on loans to pay for the works. We have recently had a number of generous gifts that have greatly helped in this ambition. Loans have been successfully reduced from £35,000 to just over £350 so any more gifts will eliminate the loans and allow us a small reserve against the final cost of the works.  If there are any surplus funds when all bills are paid, these will go towards the next restoration projects.

HOW YOU CAN HELP………. please be as generous as you can,
making cheques payable to: All Saints Church Restoration Appeal and sending them to:  
The Parish Administrator, 7 Margaret Street, London W1W 8JG.
Please indicate where Gift Aid may be applied as it increases the value of your contribution by 25% at no cost to yourself. Thank you!


A Day Centre, Residential and Transitional accommodation provider, re-settlement project and Educational and Training Unit for women. The Emergency Bed Unit – for which we have for some years helped to provide the funds for one of the 4 beds – offers a safe haven and refuge for women escaping domestic violence, financial crisis, sexual exploitation and mental health issues.

Seasonal Appeals
The grand total collected in 2014 was £3,463 (up significantly on 2013’s support of £2,790) to this Mission Project through the All Saints Festival and Lent Appeals. The Project (in acknowledging our support) said: ‘Such a wonderful amount to have raised, thank you so very much for your valued support’.

A further £3,000 raised in 2014 for Us (formerly USPG) was acknowledged to be a ‘very generous gift’ which will be used to feed communities and generate income to support AIDS orphans in child-headed families in Zimbabwe.

Year Round Support – we also support the Marylebone Resettlement Project with non-perishable food and toiletries or household necessities like cutlery or bed linen/blankets. Please continue to donate these so we can help more people in need.

Day-to-day Support – we respond to the needs of homeless people who visit the church, providing luncheon vouchers for the West London Day Centre for rough sleepers who apply to the office and allowing a few individuals, who need a place to shelter or sleep during the day, to rest in the back of the church. We have created an information resource for Church Watchers, giving useful advice to homeless and vulnerable people seeking particular support or services. In the face of a rising tide of homelessness in London, please help us fund and support people in need through our Mission project.

Want to help someone sleeping rough but don’t know how? Call Streetlink on 0300 500 0914 and they will get a visit from the local Street Team who can put them in contact with the services they may need.

If you would like to encourage others to take an interest in All Saints/keep up with what is happening here, please forward this email on to them, or to people you would like to invite to services.

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* If you would like prayers offered at All Saints, please email the Parish Administrator Mrs Dee Prior at:

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On major weekday feasts, High Mass is sung at 6.30pm

SUNDAYS in Church
Low Mass 6.30pm (Saturday evening), 8am and 5.15pm. Morning Prayer 10.20am

Morning Prayer 7.30am
Low Mass – 8am, 1.10pm and 6.30pm
Evening Prayer 6pm
(Except Bank Holidays – 12 noon Mass only)

Morning Prayer 7.30am
Low Mass – 12 noon (NOTE REVISED TIME from 2 MAY for Saturdays and Bank Holidays) and 6.30pm (First Mass of Sunday)
Evening Prayer 6pm

A priest is available for confessions/counsel Monday – Friday from 12.30-1pm and at 5.30pm Monday – Saturday, or by appointment. (Special arrangements apply in Lent and for Holy Week.) and e-mail: