All Saints Margaret Street | All Saints Parish Newsletter 20th November 2015

All Saints Parish Newsletter 20th November 2015

Dear Friend,

Christ the King


Kings are a rare breed these days. There used, of course, to be lots of them around: many of us learned history at school as the rise and fall of various royal families. Now you could fit most of the world’s kings into our parish office. Many nations have dispensed with monarchy; others have protected it, like this country, as a supposed focus of unity or guarantee of the constitution.

Kings were a controversial topic in OT times, because there had always been a strand of thinking in Jewish religion that God’s people should not have a king – God was their monarch. So you might have patriarchs or judges, but not a king. You hear it often enough in the psalms: ‘The Lord is King, let the nations rejoice’. Yet the golden age of Jewish history was under King David and King Solomon.

When St Luke comes to tell the story of Jesus he is careful to present Jesus in kinship with a particular people and their history. Jesus is born into a tradition. So, Gabriel announces to Mary, ‘The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David; he will rule over the house of Jacob for ever and his kingdom will have no end.’ When Jesus is born we are told that it happened in ‘the town of David called Bethlehem.’ Jesus is of royal lineage, but he will refuse to occupy any throne.

At the beginning of his public life, Jesus is tempted in the desert. One of the temptations is to exercise power and authority over the kingdoms of this world. Rather than establish a kingdom that is not of this world, Jesus is tempted to govern existing kingdoms. But that is not his way. He resists the authority of domination, the power that exalts itself and exults in itself. His route is along the path of powerlessness. He tells his followers,

Among the pagans it is the kings who lord it over them, and those who have authority over them are given the title Benefactor. This must not happen among you. (Lk 22.25)

The authority of Jesus is the authority of his unique holiness. No one on earth conferred that authority on him and no one could take it away. People kept asking, ‘Where did he get all this? By what authority do you do these things?’ Jesus’ authority came from his Father, who endowed him with the Spirit and with power. He needed nothing more.

His kingdom is one that attends to people who are ignored in every other kingdom: the poor, the broken and the wounded. Luke especially emphasises this, which is why Luke remembers to tell us that Jesus was crucified between two criminals, the kind of people he sought out in his ministry to tell the good news that there was a kingdom for them, God’s rule in which their repentance was enough to gain membership.

Throughout his ministry Jesus shared forgiveness; even as he died on the cross he was still doing that. He died as he had lived, reaching out to the distressed on either side of him, still finding time for others in the midst of his own suffering. The crown he wore was made of thorns; his throne was the cross; his royal banner was a scribbled sign that proclaimed him ‘King’ of the Jews. There is the Gospel image of royalty, the king and the criminal who go together into paradise, This is the king we celebrate and whose values we are pledged to live by. We see his kingship above all in the resurrection, the defeat of death and the affirmation of true life.

May his kingdom come.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Michael Bowie 
Assistant Priest 
All Saints Margaret Street

Please pray for those who have asked for our prayers: Asia Bibi, John Bradshaw, Fr Allan Buick, Peter Burbidge, James Cary-Elwes, Ian Coull, Dennis Davis, Mark Dougly, Kate Down, David Fettke, Jonty Gordon, Gaby Grace, Lewis Harvey, Gwyneth Hopkins, Pat Hunt, Alice Jullien, Andrew Laird, Tom Leader, Christine Loffty, Sister Martha (SMNC Tanzania), Hilary Morgan, Joseph Musah, Miriam Nelson, Gordon Orme, David Pearce, Eileen Prior, Father Gerald Reddington, Canon John Rees, Nick Russell, Jock Scott, Stella Skinner, Rose Stephens, Judy Stewart, Buzz Stokes, Christine van Dyck, Jo Vincent, Canon Geoffrey White and Joy Wright.

For the recently departed: Rosetta Heard, Prebendary John Gaskell (High Mass of Requiem at All Saints on Friday 27 November at 6.30pm), Kenneth Sheath, Ian Hunter, Joan Foster (Funeral Wednesday 25 November at 1.30pm All Saints Tilford), Mah, Wrenne Atkinson, Margaret Bowie and Geoff Dell.

Remember past priests, benefactors, friends, and all whose year’s mind occurs this week including: George Ebbs, Joyce Harvey, Winifred Brough, Mary Buchanan, Timothy Lawford, Josephine Fletcher, Robert Walker, Ailsa Critchley, Ann Swanton, Susan Beauchamp, Henry West, Gladys Howard, Winifred Purdon, Agnes Mackay, Mabel Egerton, Marjorie Gilley, May Beeken, Philip Burrage, Thomas Tomlinson, Priscilla Sedgewick, John Clayton, Barbara Morrissey, Thomas Ellis, Edith Martin, Margaret Mack, Charles Hawksely, James Crompton, Joseph Kirkham, Margaret Pickering, Valerie Oram, Ann Cook, Phyllis James, Annie Marshall, Doris Harmsworth and Lovinia Miller.

Preacher: The Vicar, Prebendary Alan Moses
Credo Messe, K 257 – Mozart
Lift up ye heads, O ye gates

Drinks will be served in the courtyard after Mass (weather permitting) to celebrate the fifteenth wedding anniversary of Sue and Philip Feakin.

There is Sunday Lunch service and Geoffrey and Philip are the chefs. Tickets are £5 on sale in the Parish Shop before and after Mass.

Fr Michael Bowie
Murrill in E
Let all the world in e’vry corner sing (Antiphon) – Leighton

7.15pm (after Benediction) – ORGAN RECITAL – TIMOTHY BYRAM-WIGFIELD, Director of Music. Programme includes works by: Widor, Heiller, Ravel, Hollins and Howells. Free entry, retiring collection to support the Choir and Music at All Saints (suggested donation £4). The All Saints Licensed Club/Bar will be open after the recital.  

Litany in Procession and HIGH MASS, 11am
Father Julian Browning
Missa di cappella – Lotti
People, look East – anon

There is Sunday Lunch service and Chris Self and Jan Fielden are the chefs. Tickets are £5 on sale in the Parish Shop before and after Mass.

ADVENT SEQUENCE OF READINGS & MUSIC by candlelight 6pm. Please do bring some friends to this event and see the newly lit Church.


London stands in solidarity with Paris – The Bishop of London wrote this week in the Evening Standard. If you missed his piece following last week’s atrocities, please follow the link:


The final stage of the electrical renewal and improved lighting for the Church was completed this week, with the focussing of the lights and setting the lighting states as originally intended in the design for this scheme (taking advantage of the dark evenings at this time of year). All went very well and All Saints is now ready to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King.

Church remained open for usual hours and services with just one early morning Mass cancelled when the cherry-picker had to be removed before the long-scheduled visit of Royal Academy Patrons and Friends, on tours led by the Vicar. The bright red cherry-picker will be stored temporarily in the courtyard so that it can be used on Monday 23 November to repair a damaged high-level drain pipe above the Church porch, thus saving the cost of hiring a second piece of access equipment. Thank you for your understanding as we completed this last element of a complicated project and carry out an important piece of building maintenance.  

ALL SAINTS FESTIVAL APPEAL – The grand total collected at All Saints for mission activities in 2015 was £9298.87 gathered during the All Saints Festival Appeal and (earlier in the year) Lent Appeal This was 44% up on 2014’s collections – although allowing for a one off £1,000, the total was still almost 30% up on 2014, which was itself up significantly on 2013. £4,649.43 was given to the Marylebone Project, £3,430.58 to the Centre for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, £609.43 to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal and £609.43 to Us (formerly USPG). This is a remarkable achievement and thanks go to everyone who donated.

Comparable figures for 2014: £6,463 through the All Saints Festival and Lent Appeals. £3,463 went to the Marylebone Project and a further £3,000 to Us (formerly USPG).

HIGH MASS OF REQUIEM for PREBENDARY JOHN GASKELL – this will take place on Friday 27 November at 6.30pm. Preacher: Fr Victor Stock.

REGULAR YOGA CLASSES run at All Saints in the Parish Room between 6 and 7pm (please note revised time) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drop in price £12 per class (£9 per class for committing to the term). If anyone is interested in having further details of these sessions, being run by a local qualified teacher, contact Dee Prior in the Parish Office on 020 7636 1788 or e: 

All Saints’ thirteenth annual pilgrimage to the shrine at Walsingham will take place from Friday 15 to Monday 18 July 2016 after breakfast. Following the successful 2015 trial of extending the Pilgrimage time by staying on until Monday morning, we are repeating that formula next year. If you are interested (or would like to find out more) please speak to Jean Castledine at Church or contact Ross Buchanan on 020 7221 1312 or

Because of the Shrine’s limited capacity and booking arrangements, those who would like to attend in 2016 will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £10 to the Parish Administrator, Dee Prior, by the end of November 2015 to reserve a place on the Pilgrimage. A further £20 deposit will be required by Sunday 10 April 2016. Cash or cheques (made payable to All Saints PCC).


Sunday 29 November 2015, 6pm
ALL SAINTS’ ADVENT S SEQUENCE of READINGS and MUSIC by candlelight. All welcome – please bring some friends.


CHRISTMAS POETRY TEA, Sunday 6 December 3pm, at Pamela’s
All welcome.  Please bring Poetry or Prose on the subject of ‘Home’.  To accept, or to request Pamela’s address, please speak to Pamela or Sandra in the courtyard or ring Sandra on 020 7637 8456 leaving your name and phone number.  Cost £6 in aid of the All Saints Restoration Appeal.

WALSINGHAM CELL VISIT – DECEMBER 2015 – TO NOTRE DAME DE FRANCE (French Church off Leicester Square) – the All Saints’ Cell of Walsingham plans a visit on Wednesday 9 December, 7pm to Evensong with a Talk on the history of the Church by Fr Kevin Mowbray followed by drinks. A fine modern ecclesiastical space with renowned Lady Chapel by Jean Cocteau and other historic and contemporary works of art, including a painting of Joan of Arc and a sculpture representing Our Lady of Mercy above the entrance welcoming visitors as they walk in from the street – Leicester Place. The sculptor was a famous French artist Georges-Laurent Saupique (1889-1961) who was head of the restoration work of Reims cathedral. All welcome.

CAROL SINGING IN THE PARISH, Thursday 17 December, 6.30pm – Assemble at All Saints (Parish Office – via the door to the right of the church courtyard). All are welcome to come along and sing. Collection for the West London Day Centre & the Church Army Hostel for Homeless Women in Marylebone.
LUNCHTIME CAROL SERVICE, Friday 18 December, 12.30pm.
Mince pies and mulled wine served afterwards. Do join us in a lunchbreak or before or after Christmas shopping!

FESTIVAL OF NINE LESSONS and CAROLS – Monday 21 December 2015, 6pm.
Followed by mince pies and mulled wine. All welcome – please bring some friends

Please see the noticeboard in Church where other events may be advertised as space is limited in the Newsletter.


Friday 27 November 3 – 8pm & Saturday 28 November 10am – 4pm – CHURCH OF the ANNUNCIATION, MARBLE ARCH – ‘ALL THE FUN OF THE CHRISTMAS FAIR’ 2015. Last year (the first fair, run at St Cyprian’s) was a huge success, receiving lots of comments about how stylish it was – including from the Homes and Antiques Magazine and being voted in the top 10 UK Christmas markets by ‘I love Markets’. This year, with St Cyprian’s undergoing renovation, the event has transferred to the Annunciation, so everyone is invited to join them there to meet the best exhibitors of 2014 with a host of new onesLive music, Christmas-themed demonstrations, refreshments and a candlelit evening gala with a glass of wine while browsing the goodies on sale. 


A Day Centre, Residential and Transitional accommodation provider, re-settlement project and Educational and Training Unit for women. The Emergency Bed Unit – for which we have for some years helped to provide the funds for one of the 4 beds –offers a safe haven and refuge for women escaping domestic violence, financial crisis, sexual exploitation and mental health issues. 

Year Round Support
 – we also support the Marylebone Resettlement Project with non-perishable food and toiletries or household necessities like cutlery or bed linen/blankets. Thank you to everyone who contributes food and household essentials via the basket in Church or handed in to the Parish Office – we made a substantial delivery to the Project in the first half of September and immediately fresh supplies came in and have continued to build since then. Thank you! Please continue to donate these so we can help more people in need as the cold weather begins.  

Day-to-day Support – we respond to the needs of homeless people who visit the church, providing luncheon vouchers for the West London Day Centre for rough sleepers who apply to the office and allowing a few individuals, who need a place to shelter or sleep during the day, to rest in the back of the church. We have created an information resource for Church Watchers, giving useful advice to homeless and vulnerable people seeking particular support or services. In the face of a rising tide of homelessness in London, please help us fund and support people in need through our Mission activities.

Want to help someone sleeping rough but don’t know how? 
Call Streetlink on 0300 500 0914 and they will get a visit from the local Street Team who can put them in contact with the services they may need. 

* If you would like to encourage others to take an interest in All Saints/keep up with what is happening here
, please forward this email on to them, or to people you would like to invite to services or tell them about our, which has a full colour 360 virtual tour for viewing the wonderfully restored interior of the Church – – before a visit or if unable to travel. 

If you know of others (near or far) who would like to receive this regular update on what’s happening at All Saints please encourage them to sign up for the email on the All Saints website – see the tab News & Events> Weekly Newsletter

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* If you would like any pastoral assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Vicar, Prebendary Alan Moses: Or Assistant Priest Fr Michael Bowie:

On major weekday feasts, High Mass is sung at 6.30pm 

SUNDAYS in Church 
Low Mass 6.30pm (Saturday), 8am and 5.15pm. Morning Prayer 10.20am

Morning Prayer 7.30am
Low Mass – 8am, 1.10pm and 6.30pm
Evening Prayer 6pm
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Morning Prayer 7.30am
Low Mass – 12 noon and 6.30pm (First Mass of Sunday) 
Evening Prayer 6pm

A priest is available for confessions/counsel Monday – Friday from 12.30-1pm and at 5.30pm Monday – Saturday, or by appointment. (Special arrangements apply in Lent and for Holy Week.) and e-mail: