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Advent Sunday

Dear Friends,
Advent Sunday brings a change of mood. One of the themes of the season is “Watch and Pray.” This Sunday’s gospel urges us to be alert at all times and pray for strength in the midst of difficult and threatening events. We are reminded of this call to prayerfulness by the singing of the Great Litany in procession before High Mass on Advent Sunday.
Litanies are an ancient form of prayer with a series of short petitions and a congregational response. The Kyrie at Mass is a vestige of such a litany. The Litany was the first part of the liturgy to be written in English; the first instalment of what would become “Common Prayer.” Cranmer took a familiar form and gave it a particular emphasis. Its petitions covered the range of English national life. Religion was not to be seen as a matter of personal comfort, fulfilment or salvation, but as something which would transform a whole society.
Ideas of Church and Nation have changed much since Cranmer’s day, but the widespread concern expressed after the Synod vote shows that many in England, including people who do not belong to the Church of England, or are not even Christians, still recognise the significance of the Church in its life. In consequence, Synod votes sometimes matter far beyond the confines of Church politics. We should not complain about that: to be ignored would be much worse.
The Synod’s vote has raised serious questions about the Church’s relationship with the State and the nation, and about the nature and effectiveness of synodical processes and membership. Concerns already aired about these have been given added urgency. Archbishop Rowan has said that the Church has a lot of explaining to do. It also has a lot of hard thinking to do if it is to restore its battered credibility.
Yours in Christ, Fr. Alan Moses
Moving to a New Ministry
Our congratulations to Fr. John Pritchard, the originating genius behind this improvement in our communications, on his appointment as Priest-in-Charge of St. John’s, Upper Norwood in the Diocese of Southwark. He is to licensed by the Bishop of Southwark on Monday 11th March. Please remember him in your prayers as he prepares for this new challenge.
Please pray for Fr. Richard Eyre, Fr. Neil Share, Christopher Ryan, Malala Yousufzai, Fr. David Jowitt, Michael Harris, Linda Orme, Mary Barnet, Sian Evans, Jackie Ferriter, Joshua Levy, Audrey Patterson, Celia Shore, Michael Sullivan, Rachel Clayton, Heather Walker, Richard Tann, Brian Sparkes, John Rogers, Mason Jacobson, Barbara Laws, Marguerite Crill, David Day, Timothy Montgomery, Timothy Harding, Andrew Tillyard, Finola Robinson, Stephen Finch, Jonathan Jennings.    
The Recently Departed:Nicholas Assheton, Valerie Oram, Rosemarie Roberts, Betty Mills, Duncan Pingriff, Sibyl Webster, John Gant, Joan Cook, Gladys Carter, Graham Hawkes, Bp Kenneth Cragg at the anniversary of their death: Josephine Fletcher, Robert Walker, Ailsa Critchley, Ann Swanton, Henry West, Gladys Howard, Alys Purdon, Agnes Mackay, Mabel Egerton, Marjorie Gilley, May Beeken, Philip Burrage, Thomas Tomlinson, Priscilla Sedgewick, John Clayton, Barbara Morrissey, Thomas Ellis, Edith Martin, Margaret Mack, Charles Hawksley, James Crompton, Joseph Kirkham, Margaret Pickering, Annie Marshall, Doris Harmsworth, Lovinia Miller, John Clough.
12:50pm talks on the Church Building:
On Sunday’s at 12:50pm for 10mins there will be a series of talks given by Fr. Alan and Fr. John.  2nd December – The Jesse Window.   9th December – The North Wall, The Old Testament. 16th December – The North Wall – The Nativity. Please come along prior to lunch for 10 minutes and hear an historical and theological perspective on our church building.
Dr. Christopher Rawll – Requiem Mass at All Saints on Saturday 1st December, 12noon.
On Advent Sunday Clive Wright will celebrate his 80th Birthday. To mark this occasion, Clive will be providing the congregation with Wine and Cake after the Morning Mass. Many congratulations to Clive as he approaches this significant birthday.
Advent Carol Service
Sunday 2nd December 6:00pm – All Saints Margaret Street
There will be two courses running at All Saints Margaret Street this year.
DAYTIME ADVENT COURSE – Fr. Alan will lead a four week day-time course meeting at 11am on Thursday’s 6th, 13th & 20th December at the Vicarage. This will be book based on Rowan William’s latest book, “The Lion’s World – A journey into the heart of Narnia.   
EVENING ADVENT COURSE Fr. John will lead a four-week evening course, meeting at 7:00pm on Wednesday’s 5th, 12th & 19th December at No.6 Margaret Street. This course will look at The Patriarchs, The Prophets, St John the Baptist and Our Lady each one will be explored through one of the following: Opera, Film (popcorn will be provided), prose and poetry. Please indicate to Fr. Alan and Fr. John if you wish to attend.
The Marylebone Project (Church Army Hostel for Homeless Women) has requested small items they can wrap as Christmas presents. I hope we can help. If you have any please leave them in the parish office, or in the Baptistry, or give to Janet Drake, Frances O’Neill or Chris Self by 13 December.
"Starting in December we’ll be collecting small, practical items that can be given as a Christmas present to a homeless woman. Items don’t need to be wrapped (as our elves can do this for us).
The types of items that make especially useful gifts are socks, blankets, bubble bath, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, scarves, warm hats, gloves, perfume, chocolates, notebook and pen, slippers (size 5 to 8), purses, hair brushes and diaries."
Carol Singing – Thursday 13 December
We are looking for a group of 20-25 people from the congregation of All Saints to go carol singing in The Plaza and the Oxford St. area between the north side of Oxford St., Great Portland St., Market Place and the church. We will be out for up to two hours between 6.45-8.30pm, spending the first 45-60 minutes in The Plaza. We will donate any money given us and collected in tins to local charities for the homeless in London. Please to join in. Mulle