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Sunday Next before Lent 

Dear Friends,
Several years ago I attended a colleague’s “reading in” as Assistant Curate of St Barnabas Church, Dulwich. The Reverend Canon Dianna Gwilliams prayed at that service “Almighty God, persuade us…” I don’t really recall the rest of the prayer, but remember being deeply grateful for the reminder that the relationship between God and humankind is often about us being persuaded to believe, or to be more in the image of Our Lord. Sadly there are those in our nation and church who are no longer open to being persuaded by argument or encounters with lively issues or the living God. Some people’s faith and lives have become so static and entrenched in one issue that the changing scenes of life seem to matter little.
I have a keen sense of doubt about a great many things, and I hope that a marker of the Christian life is our openness to having our minds changed, or to be made different; that we are “becoming” rather than “have become”. In that great hymn of Charles Wesley’s (which we had as an anthem last Sunday) we pray that we may be ‘changed from glory into glory’. It’s all there in the scriptures too. Those who follow Jesus most closely often have to reassess their opinions and overcome prejudice: look, to take two obvious examples, at doubting Thomas, or the centurion at the foot of the cross. This doesn’t mean that everything is in a constant state of flux for me. I know that the foundation and bedrock of my faith is Jesus Christ, and from my faith in Him, everything else opens up to wonder, question and change. I don’t know that I am right about everything I think or accept in the Church or our nation today, but then I know I am not completely wrong to accept in faith what is set before me either.
The Gospel this Sunday reminds us of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. “Then from the cloud came a voice that said, ‘This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!” We are being given constant insights, reminders and invitations to be persuaded to the identity, purpose and hope of God. All we need do is listen, learn and respond…
Anna Cardoso will be baptised this Sunday. She will become a member of the family and one amongst the holy number. I hope she will always be open to being persuaded and convinced by God, and not remain a passive silent saint. May she be one with the many Saints of God who actively look to the future with hope in Christ, reflecting more and more the image of God, and looking forward to that encounter with God where, to return to Wesley’s hymn, we find ourselves ‘lost in wonder, love and praise.’
That is how I look to the future as I leave All Saints, giving thanks to God for the short journey I have shared with you. I wish you every Blessing and all good things for the future. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday or soon.
Fr. John Pritchard
I hope you enjoy this.. A parting gift…
Please pray for Christopher Ryan, Michael Harris, Linda Orme, Mary Barnet, Joshua Levy, Audrey Patterson, Celia Shore, Michael Sullivan, Rachel Clayton, Heather Walker, Brian Sparkes, John Rogers, Mason Jacobson, Barbara Laws, David Day, Timothy Montgomery, Timothy Harding, Andrew Tillyard, Jonathan Jennings, Melanie, Rosie Flack, Richard Turner, Isabelle Stoughton, Fred Mansfield, Martin Sergeant, Rosemary Harris. The Recently Departed: Jacqueline Day, Duncan Pingrift, Sheila Miller. At the anniversary of their death: Bernard Robert Anslow, Armorel Griffiths, Joan Adams, Pamela Mary Lucy Brett, Hazel Otway, Eileen Mann, Margaret Booker, Diana Juniper, Phyllis Woodcock, Winifred Bloomer, Charlotte Druitt, Helen Buck, Sister Barbara of All Saints’, Charles Lethbridge, Nellie Chapman, Margaret McWilliam, Mary Dick, John Knight (Priest), Marion Clark, Constance Rivington, Henry Hewetson, John Bartle, Alec Rodger, Margaret Menzies
New Director of Music for All Saints Margaret Street
We are delighted to announce that Timothy Byram-Wigfield who since 2004 has been Director of Music at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle has been appointed to the post of Director of Music at All Saints, in succession to Paul Brough.
We very much look forward to welcoming Tim to the staff at All Saints and working with him. 
We have been given 6 deluxe Selfridge’s Wicker Hampers (admittedly they are left over from Christmas but are worth £175 each). The downside to this bargain is that the sell-by date is 28th Feb, though the absolute majority much of the hamper will last much longer as you will see from the list below.
FESTIVE SPARKLE HAMPER worth £175 – Selfridges Afternoon Tea Bags 30g, Selfridges Brandy Butter 140g, Selfridges Cafetière Coffee Medium Roast 250g, Selfridges English Chocolate Selection 105g, Selfridges English Strawberry Jam 340g, Selfridges Handmade English Fudge 100g, Selfridges Handmade Chocolate Dipped Butter Shortbread Biscuits 200g, Selfridges Handmade Savoury Thyme Biscuits 150g, Selfridges Chocolate Coins 109g, Selfridges Panettone 1000g, Selfridges Piccalilli 180g, Selfridges Christmas Pudding 450g, Selfridges Chianti 75cl, Selfridges Brut Champagne 75cl.
Mrs. Beeton always said that the perfect summer picnic should include a Christmas Pudding… this could be the means by which you get a Christmas Pudding in February for June/ July!   If you would be interested in a “Festive Hamper” we will sell them for £75 each in aid of the Restoration Fund. (Better than half price! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED). Cheques Made Payable to “All Saints PCC Restoration Appeal” please. Thank you to Rebecca Hirst for arranging this. ONLY TWO LEFT.
February 10th – 11:00am High Mass with Baptism- Fr. John Pritchard’s Last service as Assistant Priest at All Saints.
ASH WEDNESDAY 13th February 2013 – Low Masses 8:00am & 1:10pm (with Ashing)
High Mass – 6:30pm with Ashing.   Preacher: The Vicar.
St Cyprian’s Lent Course– Will be studying "Feast and Fast" by Christina Rees. Evening one is at Mary Ashwin’s home on Thursday 14th February at 7.15pm. Further details from Fr. Gerald Beauchamp. Email:
All Saints Lent Course– "Joy: The Meaning of the Sacraments" – We will be using the book of this title by Peter Wadell, Dean of Chapel at the University of Winchester. Published by Canterbury Press at 12.99. – Thursdays at 11am in the Vicarage – Please let the Parish Office know if you would like to take part and if you would like us to order a copy of the book for you.
Feb 14. Immersed in joy: Baptism and Confirmation.
Feb 21. Sharing Joy: the Eucharist.
Feb 28. Joy Heals: Reconciliation.
Mar 7. Joy Heals: Anointing the Sick.
Mar 14. Joy Bears Fruit: Ordination.
Mar 21. Joy Bears Fruit: Marriage.
Saturday 23rd February – Poetry Tea at Paul Weston & John McWhinney’s moorings in Wapping.2:30pm.  All welcome. Please bring poems or prose relating to the River Thames. The official film given to participants in last year’s River Pageant will also be shown. To accept, or to find out Paul & Johns address please speak with them after Mass or email them at A donation towards the Restoration Appeal would be appreciated.
THE KING of INSTRUMENTS A series of short organ recitals at 7.15pm Charles Andrews, Associate Director of Music following Solemn Evensong and Benediction on our superb 1910 four-manual Harrison & Harrison organ. Sunday 10th March
Monday 11th March 7:30pm –The Licensing by The Bishop of Southwark of Fr. John Pritchard as Priest-in-Charge, St John The Evangelist, Upper Norwood SE19 2RX – (Nearest Train Station – Crystal Palace). ALL WELCOME
The retreat this year will be at Bishop Woodford House, Ely, from Friday 15th March to Sunday 17th March. Fr. Neil Bunker will conduct the retreat. Martin Woolley will happily receive expressions of interest, and enquiries, on 020 7436 2858, 07976 275 383 or at (The order of receipt will be carefully noted to enable peaceful allocation of rooms and facilities.) A fully informative letter will be issued in due course to those who put their names down.