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Trinity VI

From The Curate:
Mark 6: 14-29 (Sunday’s Gospel) is inserted between the sending out and the return of the twelve from their mission is the story of the death of John the Baptist in Herod’s court. Besides inspiring Christian art and music, this episode is unique in Mark because Jesus is neither the main character nor main subject of the story. We know that John’s death foreshadows the death of Jesus in many ways: Herod, like Pilate with Jesus wishes to protect John but ends up killing him; the ones responsible for engineering the death, Herodias in John’s case the Jerusalem religious leaders in Jesus’, do not themselves have the power to accomplish their goal and must exert external pressure on the governing official to do it for them. In John’s case however, the almost whimsical nature of the events leads to his gruesome beheading and portrays a level of evil that is chilling in its pervasiveness. By placing this episode right in the centre of the disciples’ most positive activity to date shadows their success with a foretaste of failure.   
Please pray for Farishna, Sam, Javier Samblas, Mary Barnet, Stephen Collingwood, Sian Evans, Jackie Ferriter, Margaret Hulland, Joshua Levy, Tony Lock, Audrey Patterson, Marion Pidgeon, Cecila Shore, Michael Sullivan, Nicki Steventon, Rachel Clayton, Heather Walker, Graham Hawkes, Isabelle Stoughton, Richard Tann, Brian Sparkes, Ron Cayless, Sr. Jean Margaret, Lise Cribbin, John Rogers, Yvonne Harland, Mason Jacobsen, Dolores King, Barbara Laws, Olive Butler, John Welch, Ondina Brash, Peter Vickers.
The Recently Departed: John Gadney, Oby Amobi, Priska Fleckenstein, Alberto Francioni, Gillian Hush, Sandra Allan, Kenneth Adams, Samuel Hutchings, Julian Maslinski, Ken Wah Yew.
At the anniversary of their death: Mary Gaskell, Mina Robertson, Richard Young, Gladys Gibbs, George Smith, Kathleen Rodger, Doris Thrift, Kathleen Wait, William Hewels, Isabel Bruxner, Kathleen Gardner, Mark Williams, Muriel Latter, Lucy Heales.
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – High Mass
Wednesday 15th August 6:30pm
Preacher: The Reverend Dr. James Hawkey, Minor Canon & Sacrist, Westminster Abbey
Missa Brevis in G – Mozart, Ave Maria – Mendelssohn
Low Masses 8:00am & 1:10pm
A series of evenings celebrating our Catholic inheritance in the Church of England .
Wednesday October 17th Our Lady The Revd Cally Hammond Dean of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge 7pm Solemn Mass St Matthew’s, Westminster ALL WELCOME for further details please call 020 7222 3704