All Saints Margaret Street | All Saints Parish Newsletter 7th April 2017

All Saints Parish Newsletter 7th April 2017

Dear Friend,

To those who live in central Westminster, Saturdays with road closures and police helicopters hovering noisily over our heads as another demonstration make its way through our streets are a familiar routine.   All this is part of living in the capital city of a democracy. Most demonstrations, while noisy, are usually good-natured affairs and policing is done with a light touch; certainly a gentler one than we have seen in recent days in Mr. Putin’s Moscow. 

This Sunday, we will be holding a “demonstration” of our own, for that is what Westminster City Council and the Metropolitan Police call our Palm Sunday procession from Market Place to the church (starting at 10.45am).  

That the Council and Police have no term in their lexicon for religious processions is a subject worth pondering, but labelling our procession a “demonstration” accidentally catches something of the truth of Palm Sunday. 

To ride into the holy city acclaimed by Messianic shouts was to send a signal to the powers that be as well as to ordinary people. To be acclaimed as king and messiah, God’s anointed, would be seen as deeply threatening by those who occupied the seats of power – be they Roman governor, local client king, or religious establishment.

Many of Jesus’ fellow-Jews yearned, as many people do now, for a strong leader: one who would restore national freedom and “Make Israel Great Again.”  It is such expectations, depressingly familiar in our own time, which Jesus deliberately subverts by arriving, not on a warhorse but astride a donkey. It is difficult for a full-grown man to look dignified and powerful on a donkey; you’re just too near the ground. It was a sign of a king who came in peace rather than war. This was not how Roman emperors and their local representatives behaved.  They knew you had to put the fear of God into people, if they were to be kept in line. That’s why they were not afraid to use the military force at their disposal; why they would inflict a brutal and exemplary punishment like crucifixion.  Nor was it the way of the terrorists of his age or ours; those who murder indiscriminately on Westminster Bridge and an ever-lengthening litany of other places around the world.

But as the second part of the liturgy of Palm Sunday, with its chanting of the Matthew Passion, makes clear, Jesus does not enter Jerusalem to put anyone to death. He is the one who will be put to a barbaric and cruel death by an unholy alliance of religious authority, political power and mob pressure. 

His entrance to the holy city reflects what we hear in the epistle on Palm Sunday (Philippians 2.5-11) of the  

“mind…that was in Christ Jesus,
     who though he was in the form of God,
            did not regard equality with God
            as something to be exploited,
     but emptied himself,
       taking the form of a slave, 
      being born in human likeness.
  And being found in human form,
      he humbled himself
      and became obedient to the point of death – 
      even death on a cross.”   

Wherever we are observing Holy Week, may it bring us all to a deeper union with our servant king and the joy of his resurrection.  

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Alan Moses, Vicar 
All Saints Margaret Street 

Please pray for those who have asked for our prayers:  Asia Bibi, Doris Sanders, Rodney Bickerstaffe, Andrew Evans, Rose Stevens, Rebekka Norvik-Smith , Neli Dias, Patricia Searle, Sarah Payne, Tony Hawkins, Jan Williams, Paul Curno, Adrian Davis, Sally Bower, Gwyneth Hopkins, Bishop Michael Perham, Roy Jenkins, Bill Rodger, Jenna Stanbrook, Wolfgang Shröder, Joy Wright and Christine Vaughan-Lillie.   

For the recently departed:  Joan Wicken and PC Keith Palmer and the other victims of the Westminster terrorist attack 22 March 2017.

Remember past priests, benefactors, friends, and all whose year’s mind occurs this week including: Cecil Higgins, Ada Spicer, Anne Garside, Cyril Golding-Bird (Bishop and former Assistant Curate All Saints 1998-2002), Thomas Senior (Priest), Brian Phillips, Maud Woodin, Mildred Banyard, Roy Sutherland, Edith Wood, Norman Peryer, Eric Yates, John Rogers (one time Server), Denis Burke, Justin Kelly, Robert Middleton, David Evans, Stephen Woolley, Friederica Frances Swinburne (Benefactor, having given the Lady Altar and No. 6 Margaret Street to All Saints)., Rose Lethbridge and Christopher Dean.

For full service information:


TODAY – Friday 7 April 7pm (after Evening Mass)
Organist: Quentin Williams. 

Saturday 8 April, 11.30am Walsingham Cell Rosary and 12 noon Mass.
All welcome.  

Preacher: Fr Jim Walters, Chaplain London School of Economics

PALM SUNDAY, 9 April –
LITURGY OF PALMS 10.45am in Market Place &
HIGH MASS, All Saints, 11am
Preacher: Fr Jim Walters, Chaplain
Sermon Theme: Gentleness
Missa Octo vocum – Hassler
Hosanna to the Son of David – Weelkes 

Preacher: Fr Julian Browning 
Service in five parts – Weelkes
Versa est in luctum – Lobo 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 6.30pm Mass with Homily. 
Sermon Themes: Kindness, Self-control, Patience  

Wednesday 12 April, 7.30pm
TENEBRAE for Maundy Thursday       

MAUNDY THURSDAY, 13 April, 6.30pm
HIGH MASS of the Lord’s Supper with foot washing
and watching at the Altar of Repose,
Sermon Theme: Goodness  


       12 noon    The Preaching of the Passion
                         Sermon Themes: Love, Joy, Peace                        
            3pm    The Solemn Liturgy of the Passion              

        6.30pm    Stations of the Cross

       12 noon    Liturgy of the Day

       9pm   HIGH MASS of the Easter Vigil by candlelight

EASTER DAY, Sunday 16 April 11am Procession,
Blessing of the Easter Garden and HIGH MASS
Preacher: Fr Jim Walters, Chaplain LSE.
Sermon Theme: Faithfulness 

6pm FESTAL EVENSONG, Te Deum and Benediction 
Preacher: Fr Julian Browning  


We are required by law to supply Stewards for our Palm Sunday Procession, in order that it may go ahead – training will be given. Please offer your services to Cedric Stephens phoning him on: 020 7 637 7468.


Monday 10, Tuesday 11 April, 12 – 1pm and 5 – 6pm
Wednesday 12 April, 12 – 1pm and 5 – 5.45pm 
Maundy Thursday 13 April, 5 – 6pm        

Please sign the sheet of hours on the lectern in the Baptistery if you can commit to keeping the Watch at a particular time.  

Our Lenten almsgiving is directed to support our regular Mission Projects (USPG and the Marylebone Project), the Bishop of London’s Lent Appeal 2017 and the Soup Kitchen at the American Church and is made up of collections gathered at the services of Tenebrae and Good Friday along with the contents of individual Lent boxes. The proceeds will be shared between the four charities (please pick up a Lent Appeal Information pack in a white envelope at the door of Church):  1.        Bishop of London’s Lent Appeal 2017 – Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow – is on behalf of ALMA, the Diocesan Partnership with Angola and Mozambique. 
The economic situation in both Angola and Mozambique is severe with oil prices falling and currency devaluations. When coupled with the long-lasting drought that both countries are experiencing and also the political insecurity in Mozambique it is hard for our partners to find funds for their larger projects. We will be joining in with the three educational priorities that they have identified as critical for the future of the church: 

Angola: is increasing the number of classrooms in its church schools to meet the huge need for school places and to meet new government requirements, ensuring a continuing Christian presence.

Lebombo (Southern Mozambique): is initiating a significant project to create a new accredited seminary outside Maputo to train the next generation of church leaders. 

Niassa (Northern Mozambique): is building a church training hub with accommodation in Nampula for the huge Lurio region – to be used for training locally ordained priests, lay leaders, Mothers’ Union, community development fieldworkers and teams. 

These are ‘church’ projects which would find it difficult to attract other funding.

2.        USPGsupporting the church in Zimbabwe working with those affected by HIV and AIDS and the stigma associated with these conditions, providing local clergy and lay leaders with skills and training.

3.        The Marylebone Project (Homeless Women’s Centre) in London NW1where our money goes towards providing one of the emergency beds.

4.        The Soup Kitchen run by the American Church, Tottenham Court Road – addressing food poverty – one of the most pressing issues in London and the UK today, assisting people from 25 to over 80; from all backgrounds, from several ethnic groups, and many struggling with a variety of physical and mental problems – but all united by their need for a safe and welcoming community to be fed, heard and helped. One recently summed up what the Soup Kitchen means to him: ‘An oasis in the middle of homeless chaos.’ 

The All Saints’ Lent Appeal in 2016 raised over £8,000 (including the funds generated by the Queen’s 90th birthday Raffle and applicable Gift Aid). Please give generously this year so we can try and raise more than in 2017. Cheques should be made payable to: Parochial Church All Saints. Please use a Gift Aid envelope wherever possible since it increases the value of your gift by 25% at no cost to you. Please try to return your donation to the Parish Office by Sunday 30 April for prompt counting and claiming of Gift Aid. 

PARISH RETREAT, 19 – 21 MAY 2017 
This year the Retreat will be from May 19-21 at Bishop Woodford House in Ely. It will be conducted by Fr Michael Bowie. If you want to come, or would like further information, please contact Martin Woolley on 07976275383 or at Rooms will be allocated in the order in which bookings are received. 

The WALSINGHAM NATIONAL PILGRIMAGE takes place on Monday 29 May. The preacher will be Padre Raniero Cantalamessa OFM Cap, Preacher to the Papal Household. As in previous years, a coach will leave All Saints at 7.30 am. Please contact Ross Buchanan, Assistant Secretary to the Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham, ASMS Mob: 07905 863578 or email: if you would like to book a place.

The ALL SAINTS PARISH PILGRIMAGE TO WALSINGHAM will take place from Friday 21 – Monday 24 July. Places are limited. So if you would like to book place and have not already done so or would like to know more, please also contact Ross Buchanan (details above) as soon as possible.

BEYOND ALL SAINTS and of interest…

HUGH PRICE HUGHES 2017 LECTURES – “Speaking of God in Public”
All lectures at Hinde St Methodist Church, London W1. Admission free.
All welcome.
Tuesday 9 May at 7.30pm – Which God? Which public? 
Revd Gareth Powell [Secretary of the Methodist Conference]
Gareth will begin to explore these questions in the context of the Methodist Church in Britain today. What is our experience of God? Which “God” are we speaking about? In what context are we speaking, and to whom? What are the ‘points of contact’? And how, in the light of this, do we speak of God in public with confidence and imagination?
Men’s clothing
is needed by the Jesus Centre in Margaret Street and also by the Soup Kitchen at the American International Church, both of whom provide a daily range of services to homeless people. If you have women’s or men’s clothes to give away, please bring to Church and leave at the Parish Office so we can continue to help support our neighbours’ efforts. The Church Army is now also collecting women’s clothes for their Homeless Hostel so all donations can be found a good new home!

The Soup Kitchen specifically calls for: men’s trousers (sizes 32-36) and men’s sturdy/athletic shoes (sizes 9-12 especially) and say ‘we are also beginning to need men’s outerwear of all varieties and we always need rucksacks and duffle-bags to help our guests carry their belongings!’

The Soup Kitchen team (only part-time) ask: ‘Please drop me a line if you are planning to drop things off here. As always, many thanks for your support.’ Soup Kitchen at the American International Church, 79a Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TD T: 020 7580 2791

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, please forward this email on to them, or to people you would like to invite to services or tell them about our, which has a full colour 360 virtual tour for viewing the wonderfully restored interior of the Church – tour – before a visit or if unable to travel. 

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On major weekday feasts, High Mass is sung at 6.30pm 

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HIGH MASS and SERMON, 11am and   


Morning Prayer 7.30am
Low Mass – 8am, 1.10pm and 6.30pm
Evening Prayer 6pm
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Morning Prayer  9am
Low Mass – 12 noon and 6.30pm (First Mass of Sunday) 
Evening Prayer 6pm


A priest is available for confessions/counsel Monday – Friday from 12.30-1pm and at 5.30pm Monday – Saturday, or by appointment. (Special arrangements apply in Lent and for Holy Week.) and e-mail: