All Saints Margaret Street | Baptistery Ceiling and Window

: Baptistery Ceiling and Window

The stained-glass window in the baptistery is The Adoration of the Lamb, designed c. 1857 by William Butterfield and executed by Arthur O’Connor. It depicts the Lamb of God flanked by worshippers. Below are the emblems of the Four Evangelists: an angel (Matthew), a winged lion (Mark), a winged bull (Luke) and an eagle (John).

Originally this window was located at the east end of the church but was boarded up when the organ was enlarged in 1910. In 1996 it was uncovered and relocated in the baptistery to fill the space once occupied by a window by Gérente that had been blown out in WWII. Some small portions had to be removed from the top and bottom to fit it into the new frame.

The ceiling is decorated with the Pelican in her Piety, a symbol of Christ shedding his blood.

stained glass window